Will this add value to my house?

Yes, without a doubt. Provided it is designed and built by professionals such as ourselves here at Sovereign Home Improvements, an orangery, Conservatory or other form of Home Extension, will always add value to your current property. Not only does it add to the existing floor space in your home but often an orangery is used as a kitchen for a contemporary open-plan re-design at the rear of a property. This makes it far more attractive to would-be buyers too so means if you do decide to put your home on the property market and conditions are good, there’s no reason it shouldn’t be snapped up quickly.

What type of doors can I have with my Orangery?

All Orangeries from Sovereign Home Improvements come with double glazed doors and windows as standard. It’s possible to have these as space-saving sliding patio doors or double opening French doors. Then again, perhaps you would prefer to have the more contemporary Bi-Folding doors. The latter fold inwards or outwards and instantly open up the space in your orangery by leading out into the garden. They are available in both streamlined aluminium (with more glass and less frame) and uPVC options. Both forms are terrific as part of an orangery for a fabulous open-plan modern design at the rear of your home. When getting your quote from Sovereign you can pick and choose any type of doors and windows as you want as each Orangery is bespoke to each customer.

How deep will the foundations be?

The foundations for any orangery need to be at least one metre deep. If the ground has poor soil conditions, such as lots of clay mixed in and trees close by then the foundations need to be deeper than this in order to make your orangery even more secure. That’s because the trees will suck moisture from the clay, causing it to shrink and later create structural difficulties. Certainly, building regulations have tightened up in this regard to the extent that it’s not unusual to have to dig foundations for an orangery, conservatory or home extension which are actually deeper than the foundations of the existing home.

Do you do the drawings?

Yes. We offer a full design drawing package and which comes as a one-off cost (ie there are no ‘added extras’ along the way. These drawings are via CAD (Computer Aided Design) and involve full floor plans as well as elevations and sections of your existing home. You will also receive a separate drawing in which everything is exactly to scale. If needed, we can also supply a drawing for perusal by your local Building Regulations team. All this is carried out by our own inhouse architect, Sian Squires, a graduate of Anglian Ruskin University in Chelmsford, Essex and who has completed many impressive projects for our clients to date.

How big can my orangery be?

An Orangery shouldn’t be larger than half of the size of your existing home. Height-wise it can only be up to four meters high. Elevated platforms are frowned upon, as are a balcony or a veranda. If the orangery, once complete, is to sit within two metres of the boundary of your property then the eaves cannot be taller than three meters. These are all existing guidelines in planning law. If your orangery contravenes any of these rules then the local Planning team will have to be contacted to see if a solution can be found. We can do this for you here at Sovereign Home Improvements.

Do I need planning permission?

Nine times out of ten an orangery comes under ‘permitted development,’ meaning you won’t usually require planning permission to erect one. There are stipulations over its size (and which we’ve answered in the next question). It may be though that your local authority will want you to comply with Building Regulations and, depending on where you live, you may also have to apply for a Thames Water Build Over Agreement. In the instance that you do need approval from your local authority or any other agreements then here at Sovereign Home Improvements we will access these on your behalf prior to starting to build your Orangery.

What is an Orangery?

An Orangery is more towards an extension rather than a Conservatory. A traditional conservatory is a small brick wall and mainly glass. The Orangery is more brickwork and the main factor which makes this an ‘Orangery’ is the flat roof system we use with the lantern in the middle to let all of the light come through. We use a liquid roof system from Germany with a 20 year guarantee on the roof too. This is usually finish with spot lights on the inside to give you the wow factor of your room.