What locks does it come with?

We are happy to inform you that any door you purchase and have installed from ourselves at Sovereign Home Improvements is extremely secure. That’s down to our Avantis lock. This has the largest – and best – locking mechanism that you can find within the door installation sector in the UK today.

If it’s French and patio doors that you are looking to have installed then you will be glad to hear we have a similarly high secure locking mechanism for those too. The AV2 lock mimics a traditional key lock in appearance but comes with impressive tough multi-point locking to allow you to sleep securely in your bed at night.

Can the locks be broken into easily?

In a word – no! We use the Avantis lock on our composite and uPVC doors while patio doors and French windows all feature the latest AV2 lock. Both are fitted with a revolutionary locking system known as Ultion. This dynamic mechanism ensures that your door can’t be opened by anyone other than yourself and your family. Even if a possible intruder manages to snap the lock twice, it still wouldn’t open. That’s how tough it is! And even if you leave the key in the lock while you’re at home, it wouldn’t make any difference when it came to an attempted break-in. The locking system would remain as effective as ever. In other words, Ultion is the best locking system you can find on the UK market today.

What’s the different between a UPVC door and composite?

Unlike a composite door which is a blend of various materials, a uPVC door is made entirely from plastic. This makes the latter lower in price and, as a result, it still commands a certain popularity amongst sectors of the population. However, the uPVC door doesn’t have the same thermal heat retaining properties of a composite door and, in most cases, when a uPVC external door is fitted, a second moulded panel is required for inside the home. Both doors are good-looking and retain their smart appearance for a number of years. Having said that, the composite door is expected to last longer than its uPVC opposite and tends to be more secure.

What is a composite door?

A composite door is, as the name suggests, made of not just one material but a combination of materials – all of which are chosen for their specific properties.

Our own composite doors here at Sovereign Home Improvements, for instance, have a solid timber core but also contain uPVC and glass reinforced plastic. The materials are glued then fused together under incredible pressure to form a solid block. In our case our composite doors are 48mm thick. This is a 10 per cent increase on our nearest competitor, making our doors the thickest – and most energy-efficient – on the market at this moment in time.