Adding An Extension To The Home Rather Than Moving…

adding an extension to the home rather than moving, Soverisgn home improvements, Essex

Need more space around the house, many people today now look at adding an extension to the home rather than moving…

If you are considering any sort of extensions in Essex, Sovereign Home Improvements is the obvious choice.

We can provide any type of extension that you wish.

Adding An Extension To The Home…

Many people these days choose to add a conservatory to their home, and it is most certainly a way to enjoy the great outdoors in all weathers and at any time of year.

With all that glass, you can sit and enjoy your garden come rain or shine.

Many of the older conservatories that were built in the 80’s and 90’s are too hot in summer and too cold in winter.

However, today we use reflective glass which will ensure that the conservatory doesn’t get too hot in summer, and of course, you can have it heated for the winter as you would any other room.

You might also choose to have the Guardian Warm Roof on your conservatory.

This is a solid roof, and at Sovereign Home Improvements we are now official installers in the county.

Orangeries in Essex are also gaining in popularity.

Many people don’t really understand the difference between a conservatory and an orangery.

Orangeries were so called because they were extensions that were added to the homes of wealthy landowners as far back as the 17th century when they wanted to grow oranges and other citrus fruits in the UK.

adding an extension to the home rather than moving, Soverisgn home improvements, Essex v2Obviously, they would need protection in the winter, and the orangery was the answer.

Today, most orangeries don’t have as much glass as conservatories which have glass wall to ceiling.

Orangeries tend to have about three feet of brickwork at the base, but they still incorporate a lot of glass.

Of course, there are other ways of adding an extension to the home, and one that has also gained popularity recently is the home office.

This is because, with the growth of the internet, many people can work from home instead of going into an office.

But, of course, you need peace and quiet and to get away from the kids: the home office is the perfect answer.

Other people need a home extension because of a growing family when the kids want their own bedrooms.

Adding an extension can be an awful lot cheaper than moving to a bigger home, and it means that you can stay in your local area among family and friends rather than moving away.

Of course, whatever sort of extension you add to your home it is going to add value, so if you do want to sell at some time in the future it is also an investment.

Add An Extension To Your Essex Home…

conservatories in Essex

At Sovereign Home Improvements we can build any sort of extension that you wish for your home.

Many people like conservatories in Essex and consider adding them to their home because they are just so wonderful to relax in all year round.

The conservatories of 20 or 30 years ago were frequently too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter, but today we have energy efficient materials and we have solar reflective glass.

Your conservatory can be built using this glass so that it doesn’t overheat in the summer, and it can be heated along with the rest of your home so that you can use it in the winter.

Yes, you can sit there in February with the snow on the ground, and on your trees and shrubs.

Enjoying the views of your garden as much as you did in summer when the solar reflective panels in the roof kept too much heat out and you had the doors open to admire the roses.

We also build orangeries in Essex, these are similar to conservatories…

However, they tend to have brick bases that match the home, with the upper portions entirely of glass so that you can – if you wish – grow an orange tree or lemon tree in them!

That will be something to brag about when you have your friends round for dinner!

We also build all other types of extensions in Essex.

You might want a home office, as many people do these days since more and more of us are working online, but you need to be away from the kids in the holiday time, or just need a quiet place to escape to.

If you need your own quiet space in which to work and think, a home extension that you can use for your office is the ideal solution.