Soffits & Fascias

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Sovereign Home Improvements include Soffits & Fascias.

Our fascia boards interlock at right angles to the soffits and support the guttering.

That is how we make sure that they are strong, fit perfectly and are attractive to look at too.

Our soffits are ventilated in accordance with current building regulations and requirements.

They allow air to circulate around your roof’s timbers within the roof-space; reducing the risk of condensation and rot.

Just like the rest of our UPVC products, fascias and soffits will be specifically made to suit your requirements and will be manufactured directly by Sovereign Home Improvements only after careful measurements have been taken.

This will ensure you are provided with durable products and a high-quality installation.

Soffits & Fascias – Modern Solutions

We use modern techniques and modern roofline technologies to provide our customers homes with stunning roofline products that are durable, stylish and more importantly, do the job for many years to come.

We have a wide range of roofline services and products, so if you are looking for replacement Soffits & Fascias or a new Flat Roof, Sovereign home Improvements can help.

Soffits & Fascias – Tested and Highly Durable

All of our roofline products and materials go through multiple, vigorous tests to ensure their quality, strength and durability.

We make sure that the materials used are approved by our in-house experts before they are installed on your property, giving you peace of mind that your roofline products are the best they can be!