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At Sovereign Home Improvements, we are always looking to provide our customers with the latest innovations in Premium windows and doors.

In 2020, we are proud to partner with one of the leading suppliers of Premium Windows and Doors in the UK!

The Residence Collection – Premium Windows & Doors…

The Residence Collection of Premium Windows are all designed and made in Gloucestershire and Wiltshire.

The company first launched in 2011 with its timber alternative window; Residence 9.

Following the success of this range, The Residence Collection was launched in 2016 and has been a huge success and now have a network of dedicated fabricators and installers throughout the UK.

The unique range is a flush window & door systems based on many years of design knowledge and expertise in the market and now incorporates a full suite of premium window and door products.

In short, a British product for British homes.

Create exciting new living spaces with Residence Collection; a transition between home and garden.

Premium Wondows & Doors - The Residence Collection

Whether you are looking for an orangery, garden room or a traditional conservatory, our windows and doors offer a bespoke space designed entirely with you in mind, to make the most of your living spaces indoors and out, with a truly beautiful design.

Whether you own a modern, period, conservation, listed or heritage home, The Residence Collection is a suite of distinctive and luxurious window and door systems to suit any property type.

Available in a wide range of styles, these stylish door systems are suitable for both open-in and open-out applications.

There is a door solution per system, therefore you can choose to match your window system choice of R7, R9 or R².

Add Georgian bar for a more period look or to let lots of natural light in by adding sidelights to your French doors.

An amazing addition to any modern property.

Premium Windows - Bespoke - Sovereign Home Improvements (5)

Garden Rooms

Generally-speaking, conservatories and orangeries all constitute a “garden room”, but more specifically, we define a garden room as emphasising the close relationship between house and garden.

Use colours that enhance plus a style that opens access to the garden or courtyard.



Premium Windows - Bespoke - Sovereign Home Improvements (4)

A conservatory can create a unique addition to any home and can be a treasured and valuable room, providing much needed additional space.

Conservatories are frequently created in the most unlikely of places and a useful room can be built in a previously unused part of a courtyard or garden.



Premium Windows - Orangeries- Sovereign Home Improvements (9)

Orangeries were once a symbol of prestige, built on to the residences of the very wealthy in a bid to protect their fruit trees during the colder months.

Though their sense of luxury remains, the function of such spaces has changed to provide stunning additional living space, for use all year round.



Premium Windows - Bespoke - Sovereign Home Improvements (12)Premium Windows & Doors – Colour Inspiration…

The Residence Collection offers a range of colours and shades to suit different architectural periods and design tastes.

Each finish will instil lasting personality and character on our windows and doors to bring out the very best in your home.

Unlike traditional 19th Century windows and doors, they will never require retouching or repainting.

Premium Windows & Doors – Maintenance-Free…

Residence Collection windows and doors are virtually maintenance-free; no painting, sanding or staining required.

A simple wipe clean, so you can spend more time doing the things you love.

Whether you own a modern, period, conservation, listed or heritage home, The Residence Collection is a suite of distinctive and luxurious window and door systems to suit any property type.

Key facts:

  • Range of luxury colour finishes
  • Maintenance-free material
  • Exclusive window furniture
  • A++ Energy Rating
  • 0.8 U-value



Premium Windows & Doors – The Range…


Traditional Bespoke - Sovereign Home Improvements (15)

R9 is an eclectic blend of traditional aesthetics and innovative design.

With a decorative internal detail and the option of a ‘drip-bar’ which perfectly replicates timber



Premium Windows - Bespoke - Sovereign Home Improvements (6)


R9 can tick all the boxes for your property.

It is designed to replicate the flush timber designs found in heritage properties in our towns, villages and cities



ModernPremium Windows - Bespoke - Sovereign Home Improvements (8)

A 75mm deep window system and containing 7 chambers, R7 suits more modern homes.

With a flush finish both inside and out, it is sleek and sophisticated



BespokePremium Windows - Bespoke - Sovereign Home Improvements (3)

A versatile colour palette; R9 has dual colour options to fully personalise to your interior designs, whilst R7 has unfoiled options for a more modern finish





QuintessentialPremium Windows - Bespoke - Sovereign Home Improvements (7)

The Residence Collection is a range of maintenance-free windows & doors, designed and made in Great Britain.

They wonderfully encapsulate British design


Build Your Own Perfect Window

The ‘R9 Window Designer’ facility helps you to get exactly what you want and create an R9 window that meets your every requirement


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