Locks & Security

At Sovereign Home Improvements, we take locks and home security very seriously, and we’re sure you do too. However, you may well be surprised at just how easy it is to break into the average home. 

Using little more than a wrench and a screwdriver, a thief can break through the front door of your home in less than 10 seconds, without alerting even your closest neighbours. Don’t believe us?

Check out this video from our supplier, Ultion, to see just how easy the average door lock is to overcome. 

Snappy snap video from Brisant-Secure on Vimeo.

Modern External Door Locks

The great news is that with modern technology, adequate home security has never been more affordable. Britain’s most secure and stylish composite doors have been one of our most common purchases this year, and it’s hardly a surprise. More of us are spending time indoors, and are therefore noticing those areas that are letting our home down. Whether it’s to increase your street appeal to potential buyers, or simply for your own enjoyment, nothing creates more impact than replacing your front door.

With toughened or laminated glass, durable and hard wearing composite structure, and an unbeatable locks system, it’s no wonder customers are investing in home security by upgrading their door through Sovereign Home Improvements.

Unlike other suppliers of composite doors, where your lock is an afterthought, all of our doors come fully fitted with advanced locking systems from Ultion. So, not only will your home benefit from an updated look, you’ll be sleeping safer too. 

Ultion Door Locks

Ultion are makers of a revolutionary locking system that stops intruders in their tracks. While traditional front door locks can be snapped off, the Ultion version has a self-sacrificing component which breaks off leaving the internal segment completely intact. Any damage also automatically engages an additional internal lock, making it impenetrable to even the most motivated of burglars. 

Rigorously tested, nothing beats the Ultion, making it the UK’s best and most secure lock – guaranteed. That’s not just a turn of phrase either, Ultion locks come with a 5 year/£2000 guarantee.

Whether you specifically want to improve your home security, or simply want to improve your home’s street appeal, call Sovereign Home Improvements today to discuss your composite door and security options.