Flat Roofs

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Typically the design of choice for smaller structures, such as garages and extensions, flat roofs consist of a horizontal base which is fixed to the ceiling joists underneath with a waterproof membrane applied on top.

While flat roofs are designed to hold standing water to some degree, a slight pitch of only a few degrees is usually incorporated to enable rainwater to drain away into a hopper.

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With all the new technology now available on the market, the Flat Roof industry has progressed vastly over the past decade.

Most people are familiar with the 70’s style flat roofs and those that have had them fitted, know all too well that they can have a tendency to leak!

Fast-forward to 21st Century and we now have the option of EPDM rubber systems and liquid systems including Widopan and Desmopol. All these products come with guarantees from 15 years -up to a lifetime.

With the new technology also means the look of your flat roof can be greatly improved at relatively little cost. And they a lot more pleasant ‘on the eye’ as there are less joins.

Lastly, these are now available in modern colours, such as charcoal black and anthracite grey.