Coloured Front Doors

The Best Door Colours To Help Add Value To Your Home

The front door to your home is a statement, it should be high quality, well made and above all, look good!

Having the right front door colour can really make your home stand out and attract lots of attention.

If you plan on selling your home then we have devised a list of some of the most en vogue, popular and modern door colours to consider painting your front door.

This alone can add real value to your property.

When it comes to choosing a door colour to paint your door when you are selling your home it is important to choose a colour that will match your house and make it stand out.

You want people to have a good first impression.

Your front door is the first thing people will see when viewing your house so it is important to choose the right colour to make your house stand out when you are selling your property.

The colour of your front door can potentially have a massive impact on the sale of your home.

To put it simply, an ugly or damaged door will turn potential buyers off before they’ve even stepped foot inside your home.

What Does The Colour Of Your Front Door Mean?

First, let’s start with considering what the colour of your front door means and why it matters, especially when selling your property.

Whilst it is your home, and you are ultimately in charge of what colour you choose for your front door, colour does carry a large significance and meaning.

So if you want to pick a door colour based on the psychology of colour and why it symbolises, then consider the following:


  • Red – A red door will attract attention and make your home stand out, it shows confidence and power and is well suited to period properties.


  • Orange – Painting your front door orange can often portray joy and enthusiasm. A great colour for an extrovert property that demands to be seen.


  • Yellow – If you choose to paint your door yellow, this shows energy and success and is a sure way to stand out from the crowd.


  • Blue – Painting your door blue resembles calm and peacefulness and is a classic choice in colour.


  • Green – A green door is refreshing and is generally associated with nature and good health. A green door goes great with a garden property.


  • Brown – Brown represents earth, safety and reliability. Brown tends to go with the colour of most houses and is always a safe colour to choose.


  • Grey – Grey is generally associated with maturity and tends to avoid attention however it adds a subtle modern look to your home.


  • Black – Black is a go to colour for a strong sophisticated look and is a popular choice for most traditional and new houses alike.


  • White – The stereotypical uPVC white door is the most common in the UK as it looks clean, modern and fresh. Any kind of property suits white and it often matches the windows.


Why not give our team of experts a call to get a full list of our available doors and colours to choose the right one for your unique and individual property.

aluminium front doors

Benefits Of Installing An Aluminium Entrance Door

Thinking about upgrading your home’s main entrance door?

We can all agree that a front door says a lot about a house but have you considered all the options?

Why not choose an aluminium entrance door for the strength, stability and aesthetic design that they can bring to a home.

An aluminium entrance door is a great way for your home to stand out from all of your neighbours while providing a sleek and modern look to any home.

Aluminium entrance doors have become a massive trend in homes throughout the UK.

They offer a sleek, aesthetically pleasing, modern look to any home.

Coupled with their sturdy, reliable performance this makes aluminium entrance doors an increasingly popular choice.

Compared to the likes of some of the more traditional entrance door materials like timber and uPVC, these doors can make a real staement.

Aluminium entrance doors will provide you with an extensive list of benefits you might not have considered.

So, let’s take a closer look at the top advantages of installing an aluminium entrance door.

Strong, Durable And Very Secure

Your front door is the main entrance to your home, so of course, you’re going to want to ensure that it will be safe, secure and keep any unwanted visitors from getting in.

Aluminium is extremely strong and durable and can withstand a good amount of force.

Aluminium entrance doors are there for a great choice for a front door where many burglars can attempt to gain entry.

Virtually No Maintenance Required

Aluminium entrance doors require little to none in terms of maintenance.

A quick clean and wipe with some warm water and soap is all that will be required.

Aluminium entrance doors have a very long life span, and will easily last over 30 years when cared for properly.

A Sustainable Choice

Aluminium entrance doors are very environmentally friendly and sustainable as they can be recycled.

When aluminium is recycled, it produces new aluminium with minimal effort and is consistently of extremely good quality.

It takes approximately 5% of the energy used creating the aluminium for the very first time for it to be recycled at this level.

So, a great choice of renewable material for the environment.

They Look Amazing!

Aluminium entrance doors look absolutely stunning on modern-day homes.

They offer a simple but sleek design and come in a huge range of colours meaning that they can also look great on older homes too.

Adding an aluminium entrance door is a great way to modernise your home whatever the style, modern or period.

Resistant To The Elements

Unlike other materials such as wood and iron, aluminium is extremely durable as well as being naturally resistant to all the elements of the weather.

You can have peace of mind that your aluminium entrance door won’t corrode or rust from exposure to the elements.

Our wide range of powder coating colours can help add an even further layer of protection.

We have so many styles of modern aluminium front doors on offer, so why not get in touch with one of our experts who can provide a consultation about adding an aluminium entrance door to your home.

Patio Doors

What Are The Most Energy Efficient Patio Doors?

If you’re thinking of upgrading the doors and windows in your home, you may wish to consider adding a set of new patio doors to your shopping list…

With the drive to make homes more energy-efficient – saving money and the planet – what should you look out for when choosing new patio doors?

Check out our guide to the most energy-efficient patio doors and find the best option for you and your home.

How is efficiency measured?

Modern patio doors come in a range of materials and finishes, and some are more energy-efficient than others, although most modern materials are becoming more and more eco-friendly.

In addition, Window insulation is measured as a U-value or U-factor, so all products will come with their own U-Value.

Check with your supplier or installer for the best option for your needs.

Patio Door Styles

  • Patio doors have come a long way in recent years, and there is so much choice available when it comes to design, cost, the space required, and the style of your home.
  • French windows are a set of two hinged doors coming together in the middle and fastening shut with a lock.
  • Bi-fold doors are set of usually a minimum of three leaves, which concertina fold along a track to open fully with no adjoining post in the centre.
  • Sliding doors are the most usual design when we think of patio doors, and are a great option if there is no space for a bifold door and you want to open up space more than you can with a French Door.

Patio Door Materials

As with most things around the home if you choose quality materials and professional installation, whichever style you go for, they will function correctly and efficiently.

You have a few options when it comes to materials:


It may seem like the more expensive option, but custom-built timber patio doors are a timeless option and, if well-maintained annually, will retain their organic beauty and efficiency for many years.

In addition, The natural insulating properties of wood mean that well installed, sealed, and treated wooden doors can be super-efficient and achieve a low U-value.


Aluminium as a construction material has improved so much over the years, transforming from a highly inefficient conductor to one of the best insulators around.

New designs include a plastic thermal break within the frame, which makes it exceptionally efficient offering excellent U-values.

It is also very strong, so is great for larger installations, where aesthetics are just as important as efficiency.

Add to that, the material is highly recyclable and available, and they’re the eco-friendly choice too.


uPVC patio door frames offer probably the best all-round efficiency ratings.

With thicker frames, due to its lack of strength, and less glass, due to potential weight issues, the new internal multi-chamber design consists of several layers tightly sealed to retain the warmth.

Available in a range of finishes, it’s a great choice for design and efficiency.

Remember, there are also other factors to consider when evaluating the efficiency of your patio doors, from the experience of your installer through to triple glazing and built-in blinds.

So think carefully about what’s really important to you and your home before you choose your style.


For more information on the right type of patio door for you call us free today on 0800 1777 771.

ultion locks

Secure Your Home with Ultion Door Locks

Here at Sovereign Home Improvements, we make it our mission to make your home as secure as possible.

We understand that sourcing the right equipment can be confusing, and knowing what items will add to your security, is an essential step in picking the right products.

This is why we are pleased to discuss with you Ultion Door Locks, a locking system that will reduce the vulnerability your door has when it comes to intruders.


How Safe Are Your Locks?

When it comes to breaking through an average door lock, a seasoned thief can manage it in less than ten seconds!

This is because once the handle is removed, they simply need to push the lock hard to open the door and gain access to your treasured possessions.

The other interesting part of this fact is that is can be done with very little noise, so that you may not even notice someone getting into your house before your possessions have been taken.


Ultion Offers the Security You Need

Thankfully the Ultion Door Locking system is not so easy to break through and will take a thief a lot of time to manage it.

This is because the lock is housed in an internal casing that is virtually impenetrable and will take a lot of effort and noise to get through.

The Ultion system is made up of different sections, including a self-sacrificing component that, when broken, leaves the lock in perfect condition.

Ultion has tested the lock with every type of equipment and is so confident that it works that they offer a 5 year and £2000 guarantee.


One Key for Every Door

Ultion is not just safe, they also work hard to make their systems as user-friendly as possible.

One way they do this is to offer you the option of having one key that will fit all your Ultion locks.

The great thing about this is that you no longer need to carry multiple keys, and you can install the same lock onto as many doors as you like across as many properties as you like.

To keep your keys safe, Ultion engraves a specific code onto your keys that they use to identify you so that you can call to arrange new locks or extra keys without having to give a third-party your key to copy.

The system they use has been designed with your security in mind and will give you the peace of mind you’ve been craving.


Let Sovereign Install Your Locks Today

If you love the idea of installing a Ultion lock and key system into your home, then call Sovereign Home today or complete the form on our contact us page.

Our dedicated team are ready to answer your questions and arrange an appointment at a time that suits you.

With Sovereign Home Improvements, you can look forward to feeling safe all the time.

Getting a New Door

Your Guide to Getting a New Front Door

It’s probably a long time since you changed your front door. In fact, you probably have the same front door that came with the property when you moved in. Regardless, is  now the time to consider a new front door?

Why? Well, an older front door is a more vulnerable door. The older the doors get, the easier it is for people to exploit weaknesses in them, to get through them without being supposed to go through them, and it’s mostly just a security risk.

How Old is Your Front Door?

One of the first and most serious questions that you need to ask yourself is how old is your door? The older a door is the more of a security risk it potentially is to your property.

The internal locking mechanisms of a door have also changed drastically in recent times. Door locks used to be a lot more simple back in the day, and so a lot of people know how to pick locks like that. New doors are a little bit more tricky because they have more up-to-date technology which is less susceptible.

If your front door is a bit older, and just generally worn down, replacing it wouldn’t be the worst thing on the planet.

Keep the heat In!

If you’re going to make an upgrade to your home, and replace the door, then you should probably make sure that you do it at the right time. Generally speaking, you will find that the best possible moment to do this is before the weather starts to turn bad.

If you make sure that you time the whole experience right, then you will make sure that you keep the heat out and keep your home cost and warm.

Heating bills can get pretty pricey if you’re not careful, which is why having an old door that lets all the heat out isn’t a very economical. Instead, you’re going to want to make sure that you make an upgrade to this sooner rather than later

You wouldn’t be alone for wanting to make this a reality that you have, because a lot of people find their doors are not great for energy efficiency. Older models, in particular, have a problem with keeping heat in, which can ultimately just cause issues when it’s minus temperatures outside.

In addition, it’s a sensible idea to start thinking about upgrading your door during the Summer and Autumn months. There is no doubt that when it comes to choosing a new front door, you consider all the options, and the type of door that you go for. Upgrading a door makes such a difference to your property and completely modernises the overall look of your home, and will no doubt improve the value of it as well.

uPVC Windows & Doors, Orangeries, Roofs, Extentions, Sovereign Home, Essex (2474)

uPVC Windows in 2019…

uPVC Windows & Doors, Orangeries, Roofs, Extentions, Sovereign Home, Essex (2474)If you are looking for either uPVC windows in Essex or uPVC doors then Sovereign Home Improvements is the company for you.

uPVC Windows And Doors In Essex – Considerations…

Installing double glazing is not “cheap” even though it is a great investment.

This is especially true if you have single glazed windows at the moment because you won’t believe the amount you can save on your heating bills.

Even if you have double glazing already, but it is over 20 years old, you will still save money because today’s double glazing is ultra-energy efficient.

And from that point of view beats older windows hands down. Our uPVC windows are all A+ energy rated.

However, it is not just the cost and energy saving aspects of uPVC windows and uPVC doors in Essex that makes them so attractive.

There is also the fact that our windows and doors are very long lasting, and they need virtually no maintenance.

They don’t need painting as wood-framed windows do, and if you decide to have tilt and turn windows you don’t even need a window cleaner!

They open inwards 90°, so you can clean the outside of the windows without going outside your home.

uPVC Windows And Doors In Essex – Cleaning…

Talking of window cleaning, there is another way of dealing with that chore, and that is by using self-cleaning glass.

Yes, despite the fact that it has been around for some while now, most people don’t know that you can have self-cleaning glass in your windows.

It has a special coating that breaks down dirt and then the rain simply washes it off.

Clever, huh? Of course, it costs more than standard glass, but just think what you’ll save by not having the window cleaner around every month.

It goes without saying, or it should do, that your Sovereign Home Improvements windows and doors can be crafted in any style you wish.

Without doubt, this is the most popular window style is the casement window which is hinged on one side and to open it you simply swing it out.

However, it can also be hinged at the top or the bottom of the frame if required.

There are many more styles of windows we can supply, one of those being sliding sash windows which don’t have hinges but slide up and down on rollers.

Some also have a tilting option to make for easier cleaning.

uPVC Windows And Doors In Essex and Sovereign Home Improvements…

Furthermore, Sovereign Home Improvements only ever uses top quality materials.

As with any type of product, there are always cut-price options, but the company believes that what a customer wants is the best, without any cutting of corners, so the best is what the customer gets.

Yes, there may be a slightly cheaper option, but when customers are making an investment of some thousands of pounds, they want something that is going to last, look outstanding, and have a guarantee that goes with it.

Whatever your needs for double glazing in Essex, just give us a call. We can do it all.