Getting a New Door

Your Guide to Getting a New Front Door

It’s probably a long time since you changed your front door. In fact, you probably have the same front door that came with the property when you moved in. Regardless, is  now the time to consider a new front door?

Why? Well, an older front door is a more vulnerable door. The older the doors get, the easier it is for people to exploit weaknesses in them, to get through them without being supposed to go through them, and it’s mostly just a security risk.

How Old is Your Front Door?

One of the first and most serious questions that you need to ask yourself is how old is your door? The older a door is the more of a security risk it potentially is to your property.

The internal locking mechanisms of a door have also changed drastically in recent times. Door locks used to be a lot more simple back in the day, and so a lot of people know how to pick locks like that. New doors are a little bit more tricky because they have more up-to-date technology which is less susceptible.

If your front door is a bit older, and just generally worn down, replacing it wouldn’t be the worst thing on the planet.

Keep the heat In!

If you’re going to make an upgrade to your home, and replace the door, then you should probably make sure that you do it at the right time. Generally speaking, you will find that the best possible moment to do this is before the weather starts to turn bad.

If you make sure that you time the whole experience right, then you will make sure that you keep the heat out and keep your home cost and warm.

Heating bills can get pretty pricey if you’re not careful, which is why having an old door that lets all the heat out isn’t a very economical. Instead, you’re going to want to make sure that you make an upgrade to this sooner rather than later

You wouldn’t be alone for wanting to make this a reality that you have, because a lot of people find their doors are not great for energy efficiency. Older models, in particular, have a problem with keeping heat in, which can ultimately just cause issues when it’s minus temperatures outside.

In addition, it’s a sensible idea to start thinking about upgrading your door during the Summer and Autumn months. There is no doubt that when it comes to choosing a new front door, you consider all the options, and the type of door that you go for. Upgrading a door makes such a difference to your property and completely modernises the overall look of your home, and will no doubt improve the value of it as well.

uPVC Windows & Doors, Orangeries, Roofs, Extentions, Sovereign Home, Essex (2474)

uPVC Windows in 2019…

uPVC Windows & Doors, Orangeries, Roofs, Extentions, Sovereign Home, Essex (2474)If you are looking for either uPVC windows in Essex or uPVC doors then Sovereign Home Improvements is the company for you.

uPVC Windows And Doors In Essex – Considerations…

Installing double glazing is not “cheap” even though it is a great investment.

This is especially true if you have single glazed windows at the moment because you won’t believe the amount you can save on your heating bills.

Even if you have double glazing already, but it is over 20 years old, you will still save money because today’s double glazing is ultra-energy efficient.

And from that point of view beats older windows hands down. Our uPVC windows are all A+ energy rated.

However, it is not just the cost and energy saving aspects of uPVC windows and uPVC doors in Essex that makes them so attractive.

There is also the fact that our windows and doors are very long lasting, and they need virtually no maintenance.

They don’t need painting as wood-framed windows do, and if you decide to have tilt and turn windows you don’t even need a window cleaner!

They open inwards 90°, so you can clean the outside of the windows without going outside your home.

uPVC Windows And Doors In Essex – Cleaning…

Talking of window cleaning, there is another way of dealing with that chore, and that is by using self-cleaning glass.

Yes, despite the fact that it has been around for some while now, most people don’t know that you can have self-cleaning glass in your windows.

It has a special coating that breaks down dirt and then the rain simply washes it off.

Clever, huh? Of course, it costs more than standard glass, but just think what you’ll save by not having the window cleaner around every month.

It goes without saying, or it should do, that your Sovereign Home Improvements windows and doors can be crafted in any style you wish.

Without doubt, this is the most popular window style is the casement window which is hinged on one side and to open it you simply swing it out.

However, it can also be hinged at the top or the bottom of the frame if required.

There are many more styles of windows we can supply, one of those being sliding sash windows which don’t have hinges but slide up and down on rollers.

Some also have a tilting option to make for easier cleaning.

uPVC Windows And Doors In Essex and Sovereign Home Improvements…

Furthermore, Sovereign Home Improvements only ever uses top quality materials.

As with any type of product, there are always cut-price options, but the company believes that what a customer wants is the best, without any cutting of corners, so the best is what the customer gets.

Yes, there may be a slightly cheaper option, but when customers are making an investment of some thousands of pounds, they want something that is going to last, look outstanding, and have a guarantee that goes with it.

Whatever your needs for double glazing in Essex, just give us a call. We can do it all.