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Can Conservatories Have Central Heating?

Whether you’re thinking of building a conservatory or you already have one, you probably want to install central heating in some form to help keep your conservatory warm in colder weather.

There is no reason as to why central heating cannot be installed when building or renovating your conservatory, but there are a few things you need to know with regards to regulations and planning permission.

Installing A Radiator In Your Conservatory

If you want to install a radiator in your conservatory, you do not need planning permission to do so, provided that it is isolated from your central heating.

However, if you plan on installing or extending a radiator which is integrated with your central heating, then you will need to ensure that it meets the appropriate building regulations and heating efficiency regulations. You may also need to obtain planning permission as well.

Can I Integrate My Central Heating To My Conservatory?

If you have someone who can carry out the work in a safe and compliant manner then yes you can. You can integrate your central heating with your conservatory.

If you do plan to integrate your central heating with your conservatory, then you will need to ensure that your conservatory meets all building and planning regulations as well as heat loss regulations. This process can sometimes be time-consuming and costly.

Whilst the process of integrating your central heating may cause some disruption to your household, it is beneficial in the long run.

Heating your conservatory with a radiator connected to the central heating is extremely efficient, especially as most modern radiators have the ability to output huge amounts of heat, ensuring your conservatory stays warmer for longer.

Not to mention there are an endless amount of styles, colours and finishes which allows you to choose a radiator that suits your conservatory as opposed to having an ugly electric heater or blower which has a low heat output and puts you at risk of a fire hazard.

How Else Can I Heat My Conservatory?

If you don’t want to extend your central heating to your conservatory, there are a few other ways in which you can keep your conservatory warm and heated.

Under Floor Heating – Installing underfloor heating is an efficient and modern way of heating your conservatory without using central heating, whilst remaining compliant with the isolated heating regulations.

An Electric Radiator – An electric heater is an ideal and cost effective way to help heat your conservatory whilst complying with the heating isolation regulations. All you have to do is buy one and plug it in and you’re good to go.

Isolated Radiator – You can install an isolated a radiator in your conservatory, however this can be costly and time consuming. It also requires a specialist who knows what they are doing. This will ensure your conservatory complies with any building regulations.

does a conservatory add extra value to your property

Does A Conservatory Add Extra Value To Your Property?

A conservatory can be a great addition to any property. There are so many unique styles, shapes and sizes on the market that each bring something unique to the table.

In short, the answer to this question is yes, a conservatory will enhance the value of your property, especially because you can now account for the extra indoor living space and aesthetic beauty a glass add-on brings to your home.

How Much Value Will A Conservatory Add To My Home?

How much value a conservatory can add to your home will entirely depend on how well suited the conservatory is to your home.

Does it have the same style as your home? Or does it stick out like a sore thumb. Phil Spencer estimates that by adding a conservatory to your home, you could, on average add on around 7% of the value of your home – that’s upwards of £10,000 onto a £150,000 property.

Can A Conservatory Attract More Potential Buyers?

If you’re trying to sell your home, then a conservatory which seamlessly blends with the rest of the property is sure to attract more potential buyers.

The fact that the conservatory blends well with the house and matches its style will make the property much more desirable.

Not to mention, many people will find the extra indoor living space and attractive benefit to your home. By adding a conservatory, you can help make the property look a little more modern and add some extra light to your home.

What About the Personal Value?

Aside from adding financial value to the price of your home, there are also several personal benefits that can come with adding a conservatory to your home while you are still living in it.

More Space – By adding a conservatory to your home, you can help to create more indoor space, which is particularly good if you have an expanding family. You can turn the conservatory into an extra sitting room, or even a dining room.

This helps to open up other rooms in the house to do with as you please. By adding a conservatory to increase your indoor space, you won’t have to spend lots of money moving to a bigger home.

Increase the Natural Light in Your Home – Due to the large number of windows in a conservatory, you can really increase the amount of natural light that gets into your home.

This can help your property feel brighter, more modern and can even help save money on electric bills as you won’t have to turn as many lights on and it can heat up the home.

Bring Your Garden to Your House – Weather can often be unpredictable, and you sadly can’t enjoy being outside all year around.

A conservatory helps to bridge the gap between your indoor space and your outdoor space, allowing for easy access to the garden. If it is raining outside, you can simply sit inside and enjoy the garden views from the comfort of your conservatory.

Adding extra living space to your home

How to add extra living space to your home during these challenging times

Over the past six months, many of us have found ourselves working from home, often with children or grandchildren at our feet. None of us expected to find ourselves in this situation, and we certainly didn’t expect to be spending quite so much time within our four walls. 

It’s hardly surprising then that an increasing number of people have reached out to us here at Sovereign Home Improvements to discuss how to add extra living space to their homes. Here are a few of our top recommendations for increasing your usable floor space on any budget.

3. Think outside the box.

The easiest and most affordable way to add extra space to your home is by looking for areas that can serve more than one purpose. Can an alcove shelf usually used for books double as your desk? Or perhaps a built-in wardrobe could provide you with a quiet nook instead? 

It certainly won’t be a long-term solution, but in a pinch, there are a surprising number of ways you can repurpose existing spaces in your home.

2. Convert your loft space. 

Have you found yourself wishing you had a dedicated office space within your home? You’re not alone. A popular long-term option is to convert your loft space into a usable room, either as a full renovation complete with stairwell or even as a shorter-term option, keeping the loft hatch in place. 

Planning permission usually won’t be required, but you will have to adhere to building regulations. While a loft conversion isn’t a quick process, it can offer much-needed living space and add value to your home, making it a great option if you’re willing to invest.

1. Utilise your conservatory.

Perhaps one of the best ways to add extra living space to your home is to improve upon what you already have. At this time of year, many conservatories are rendered useless, too cold to use comfortably. By replacing your thin polycarbonate or glass roof with an insulated Guardian Warm Roof, your conservatory can become a part of your ground floor living space. 

Turn it into a playroom for the kids, a quiet zone for study and work, or keep it all to yourself as an office-with-a-view. The choice is yours!

Improving your home isn’t just investing in a building, it’s an investment in your family’s comfort too. Speak to one of our team for an obligation-free quote today.

Ever Considered a Conservatory Kitchen?

If you’re the type of person who likes a lot of light around them in the house then you have no doubt considered investing in a conservatory in the past. There is no better way to embrace daylight and the sun’s rays, after all.

And that’s why it’s understandable many families these days are opting to combine open plan living with the addition of a conservatory kitchen. Not everyone wants – or can afford – an extension, after all. So, how do you go about fashioning a kitchen conservatory? Well, here are some expert tips right here:

Check you have planning permission

You wouldn’t normally need planning permission if your conservatory isn’t too large (ie more than three metres beyond the rear of the house if attached, or four metres for a detached property). If you’re planning something bigger or with two storeys this would be considered an extension and requires approval from your local planning department.

Who will, however, certainly need to check with the Council’s Building Control team for a conservatory kitchen. They will want to ensure that your drainage is in line with their regulations and that electrical works are similarly fitted in an expert fashion.

If the property is a Listed Building you’ll need permission from Historic England to make any changes at all. The same applies if your home sits in what is termed an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB).

Design aspects of a conservatory kitchen

  • Talking of location, where the conservatory is added to your home obviously depends on its current situation (a conservatory is usually at the back or side of a property). If the back of your home is south facing then consider getting special solar responsive windows. This ensures the conservatory kitchen isn’t too warm – especially when you’re cooking!
  • Forget cooking with gas – it can be too complicated to connect pipes in a conservatory kitchen. There are some terrific electric appliances around today anyway, such as induction cookers. Just make sure you have enough sockets for all those plugs!
  • Obviously plumbing is crucial for your kitchen. The length of your current pipes could dictate where your sink, dishwasher etc will go – unless they can be easily extended. It’s perfectly possible to plan the rest of the kitchen design around the fabled Kitchen Triangle (ie the sink, cooker and fridge all being within reach from one position).
  • Having so much glass makes you very visible in your conservatory kitchen. Invest in some vertical fabric blinds or pull-down versions. You could have curtains too for a cosier feel.
  • You are going to be doing a lot of cooking in this space, and there’s going to be lots of warmth – especially in the summer. So, in order to avoid the room becoming too stuffy and uncomfortable to sit in, place adequate ventilation. This could be in the form of ceiling fans, opening roof vents or sliding doors which can be left ajar.

Get in touch today

If you’re considering a conservatory kitchen then do get in touch with the team here at Sovereign for a no-obligation chat. We will be happy to discuss options and come up with recommendations unique to your situation. Call us on 01277 810 910.

uPVC Windows & Doors, Orangeries, Roofs, Extentions, Sovereign Home, Essex (2474)

uPVC Windows in 2019…

uPVC Windows & Doors, Orangeries, Roofs, Extentions, Sovereign Home, Essex (2474)If you are looking for either uPVC windows in Essex or uPVC doors then Sovereign Home Improvements is the company for you.

uPVC Windows And Doors In Essex – Considerations…

Installing double glazing is not “cheap” even though it is a great investment.

This is especially true if you have single glazed windows at the moment because you won’t believe the amount you can save on your heating bills.

Even if you have double glazing already, but it is over 20 years old, you will still save money because today’s double glazing is ultra-energy efficient.

And from that point of view beats older windows hands down. Our uPVC windows are all A+ energy rated.

However, it is not just the cost and energy saving aspects of uPVC windows and uPVC doors in Essex that makes them so attractive.

There is also the fact that our windows and doors are very long lasting, and they need virtually no maintenance.

They don’t need painting as wood-framed windows do, and if you decide to have tilt and turn windows you don’t even need a window cleaner!

They open inwards 90°, so you can clean the outside of the windows without going outside your home.

uPVC Windows And Doors In Essex – Cleaning…

Talking of window cleaning, there is another way of dealing with that chore, and that is by using self-cleaning glass.

Yes, despite the fact that it has been around for some while now, most people don’t know that you can have self-cleaning glass in your windows.

It has a special coating that breaks down dirt and then the rain simply washes it off.

Clever, huh? Of course, it costs more than standard glass, but just think what you’ll save by not having the window cleaner around every month.

It goes without saying, or it should do, that your Sovereign Home Improvements windows and doors can be crafted in any style you wish.

Without doubt, this is the most popular window style is the casement window which is hinged on one side and to open it you simply swing it out.

However, it can also be hinged at the top or the bottom of the frame if required.

There are many more styles of windows we can supply, one of those being sliding sash windows which don’t have hinges but slide up and down on rollers.

Some also have a tilting option to make for easier cleaning.

uPVC Windows And Doors In Essex and Sovereign Home Improvements…

Furthermore, Sovereign Home Improvements only ever uses top quality materials.

As with any type of product, there are always cut-price options, but the company believes that what a customer wants is the best, without any cutting of corners, so the best is what the customer gets.

Yes, there may be a slightly cheaper option, but when customers are making an investment of some thousands of pounds, they want something that is going to last, look outstanding, and have a guarantee that goes with it.

Whatever your needs for double glazing in Essex, just give us a call. We can do it all.