Bow Bay Windows

Bow Bay Windows & Doors, Orangeries, Roofs, Extentions, Sovereign Home, Essex (2218)Bow Bay Windows

Bow Bay windows are characteristically curved where there is a fixed window in the middle and more windows angled on either side.

These windows protrude outwards from the building structure and in return create an interior corner for an extra sitting area.

Bow Bay windows owe their beauty to their style, shape and size.

But these Bow Bay Windows are not only for show, they provide many benefits that persuade homeowners throughout the country to choose them for their home.

Still using the same Eurocell profiles our windows can be made from scratch or to replace the existing bay.

Making sure that the aluminium bay poles are there for stability is one of the key aspects of the bay.

If made from scratch the Bow Bay Window will need an insulated roof which requires intricate lead work to keep it watertight.

A fully welded cill on the outside means you have no nasty joins in your new bay window and a lovely clean flowing edge.

Gallows brackets under the cill also give it the final bit of strength to complete the work.