Bi-Folding Doors

Bi-folding Doors

The last decade has seen an enormous increase in the demand for bi-fold doors. Why? Bi-fold doors are modern, attractive and allow maximum light into your home without sacrificing on space.

With more of us spending time in our gardens, creating an indoor/outdoor flow is a must, and this is easy to achieve with bi-fold doors. Ideal for running across the back wall of your new extension, bi-fold doors provide ample light over the colder months and concertina to create a wide-open space over Summer and Spring. 

Al fresco dining has never been easier, when your kitchen opens seamlessly onto your patio. There really is no better option for a modern home.

Why Choose Bi-fold Doors?

So, how do bi-fold doors compare to patio doors and French doors? There are a few key differences; namely, the frame:glass ratio, the opening/closing mechanism, and the usable space once opened. 

While patio doors have one of the lowest frame:glass ratios of all door types, the sliding mechanism means that only 50% of the door’s space is usable once opened. 

Meanwhile, French doors have a higher frame:glass ratio so let in slightly less light. When fit on a small wall, French doors may open completely, allowing 100% use of the door’s space. However, on a larger wall, fixed panels are usually added alongside the French doors to provide extra light, if not usable space. 

Because bi-fold doors can be fitted with multiple panels, it’s possible to have wall-to-wall bi-folds, allowing an entire wall of your room to be opened onto the garden. The possibilities are only restricted by the size of the lintel you plan to place above the doors.

Bi-folding doors are also available from Sovereign Home Improvements in a variety of colours and in either aluminium or UPVC, the choice is yours. 

uPVC Bi-fold Doors or Aluminium Bi-fold Doors?

The most popular option for bi-fold doors is uPVC as it offers fantastic quality at a competitive price. Not only is uPVC long-lasting and affordable, it’s also a low maintenance, secure option.

Aluminium is the premium choice, which is reflected in its cost. However, they’re a fantastic investment in your home. Aluminium bi-fold doors have a stronger, narrower frame, giving them a more streamlined look and allowing extra light to enter your home. 

Both are great options and are available in various colours to suit your aesthetic preferences.

Call Sovereign Home Improvements today to discuss how bi-fold doors can update your home.