Which Type Of Loft Insulation Is The Most Effective?

Installing loft insulation in your home can have many benefits.

It can help your household become more sustainable as well as helping to reduce the amount of money spent on energy bills.

There are a few different types of loft insulation to choose from, each varying in how effective they are depending on the style of loft you are trying to insulate.

The Different Types Of Loft Insulation

There are some different types of loft insulations to choose from when it comes to insulating your loft.

Some will be better than others depending on what your requirements are.

Loose-Fill Loft Insulation

This form of loft insulation is often constructed of lightweight materials such as mineral wool, cork granules or cellulose fibre.

It’s also possible to make it out of recyclable materials. It’s ideal for replacing or topping up old insulation, and it fits neatly between irregularly shaped joists and other obstacles.

It is not ideal for insulating lofts which are draughty, as the material can become loose and ineffective.

Sheet Loft Insulation

This type of loft insulation comes in the form of boards or sheets and is used to insulate the sloping sides of a loft space or roof.

It may be customised to meet precise sizes and can also be coated with a fire-resistant or moisture-resistant finish.

This is an advantageous form of loft insulation since the boards may be thicker and hence more insulating.

However, using sheet loft insulation can be a costly way to insulate your loft.

Blown Fibre Loft Insulation

This is a great way to insulate your loft, but it will require expert installation since the insulation must be professionally blown in-between all of the joist gaps that lay within the roof.

When installed by an expert, it takes only a few minutes to an hour.

It may also be created out of recycled materials, making it an excellent alternative for a green home.

However, it may be rather expensive, and is not an ideal solution for lofts containing draughts.

Blanket Loft Insulation

Made out of rolls of glass, rock, felt or mineral fibre containing a backing made from foil.

It is perhaps one of the most prevalent and widely used loft insulation methods.

Blanket loft insulation is an excellent choice for loft insulation since it’s simple to install and fantastic for insulating walls with exposed cavities.

However, because the materials are very irritating, it is necessary to wear safety equipment when installing the insulation.

It is not an ideal method of insulation for small loft spaces as it is quite bulky.

Which Type Of Loft Insulation Is The Most Effective?

The most common types of loft insulation are blanket loft insulation and loose-fill loft insulation as these are generally the most cost effective and provide a good amount of insulation.

However, be sure to choose a loft insulation method that is most suitable to your loft.