How Much do UPVC Windows Cost?

Type into a search engine ‘how much do UPVC windows cost’ and you might not find a straight answer – that’s probably why you’re here.

It’s really not very easy to do.

There are a number of reasons why this is.

Keep reading for our thoughts on the matter.

Undercutting prices

Business is business, and part of business (and negotiation) is about playing your cards close to chest.

If window installers put up concrete price for installing UPVC windows on their web pages, it serves as a benchmark for competitors to undercut them.

Customers will search around looking for the cheapest prices, and many installers will lose out on business.

It may seem unbelievable, but this is the main reason why it can be so hard to find out just how much UPVC windows cost.

One size does not fit all

The second reason is more believable, and it’s down to the fact that, when it comes to windows and houses in general, one size really does not fit all.

There aren’t many houses that are exactly the same, even in housing estates where they are possibly meant to be the same.

In the same way that houses will have a different shaped front door, each house will have different sized windows too.

If the sizes are small and awkward, or just very large, a different amount of work will be needed to install the windows, meaning wildly differing prices.

Different specifications

Just as all houses are different, so are peoples wants and needs.

If you want coloured window frames, for example, you’ll need to pay more.

Other specifications that may change the price could include special glazing, designs, and things like locks and handles.

If you live in an upmarket area, companies may also be inclined to charge you more, so always aim to get multiple quotes if you’re not happy with your first one.

Bottom line

You can see now why it isn’t so easy to get a clear price for UPVC windows.

The main reason is competition, but as you can see there are lots of other factors too.

The trade industry being competitive isn’t such a bad thing, though – it means that installers are keen to get your order, and that means you can get negotiate on price.

The best thing to do is to take your time and get some quotes – three or four is probably the right number of the quotes before you should make a decision.

It’s a big decision to make, so don’t rush and don’t just choose the cheapest quote you get either.

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We hope we’ve helped to give an answer to what is quite a complicated question.

If you have any questions, or if you want more information about UPVC windows, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

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