Should I Repair or Replace My Sash Windows?

Sash windows are often a major feature of traditionally styled houses, and homeowners love the classic look they offer.

There’s a problem though, sash windows are usually old period features in need of repairs and maintenance.

With this is mind, it’s natural that we would get asked a lot whether to repair sash windows or replace them.

So, what should you do, repair or replace?

Keep reading for our thoughts on the matter…

Wood-Framed Sash Windows

A major part of a sash window’s charm is its wooden frame – but wooden frames have their own problems.

They’re particularly prone to distortion, swelling, and rotting of the woodwork.

When the wood shrinks, the sash windowpanes can become loose, leading to draughts and sounds of the glass rattling in the wind.

This scenario is one tick in the ‘fixed’ box, window tradespeople will easily be able to fix the draught proofing.

Glass in Sash Windows

Is the glass in you sash windows single glazed or double glazed?

If it’s a very old sash window, it’s more likely to be single glazed.

The problem is that single glazed windows are highly outdated and inefficient, losing heat and letting in noise.

Anyone you speak to will recommend double glazing over single glazing, and it’s no different for sash windows.

The only difference may be if your house is listed, you may have to get planning permission in this case.

It’s another tick in the ‘fixed’ box, adding double glazing to your sash windows will give them a new lease of life.

The only problem with double glazing sash windows is the price – it can be quite expensive.

Miscellaneous Sash Window Repairs

Things that fall into this category are damaged cords, broken locks, and broken glass.

All of these things can be easily repaired, and repaired quickly.

Repairs allow people to keep the original style of the window intact.

Replace Sash Windows

Because people want to keep the original style of the window, repairing is the most attractive option, but replacement is also viable.

People also assume that repairing is also cheaper than replacing, but this not always the case because keeping original frames intact can be a long job that requires expert precision.

You also have to think about the cost overall, for example saving money on increased energy efficiency.

If you completely replace the materials, you also get the benefits of modern technology – durability, efficiency, and defence against things like rot.

Bottom Line

Repair or replace?

We’d probably go for repair, but it comes down to how much you want to spend and what matters most to you – original features, or efficiency.

If you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch. We hope we’ve offered you some helpful advice on whether to replace or repair your sash windows.