Are Conservatories Exempt From Building Regulations?

So, you may be considering building or adding on a conservatory to a property which you own or currently live in.

There are many reasons to add or build a conservatory, and you might be doing it for a range of different reasons such as adding value to the property, or maybe you just want more space.

Regardless of the reason, it is always best practice to stay up to date with all the most recent building regulations surrounding the planning and building of conservatories.

Are Conservatories Exempt from Building Regulations?

Different building regulations will normally apply when you want to renovate or build an extension to your property.

The good news is that conservatories are usually exempt from building regulations when they meet the below criteria.

  • The conservatory is less than 30m2 when measuring the floor area.
  • The conservatory must be built at ground level.
  • Any heating system is required to be independent from the properties central heating, with its own independent temperature and on/off controls.
  • All electrical installations and window glazing must comply with the appropriate building regulations.

Do I Need Planning Permission to Build a Conservatory?

The decision on whether you will need to obtain planning permission to build a conservatory will entirely depend on the specifications of the conservatory you plan on building.

The majority of conservatories however, do not need planning permission before being built.

This is because ‘Permitted Development’ rules can be applied; however, these are also subject to meeting conditions.

  • Semi-Detached and Terraced houses can make additions to the property up to 6m high without having to obtain planning permission.
  • Detached houses are allowed to add structures of up to 8m high without needing to obtain any planning permission.

You must still first consult with your neighbours to determine that building a conservatory onto your home will not in any way, negatively impact any of your neighbours.

It is also worth noting that you are allowed to build a conservatory or any other single storey extension without needing to obtain planning permission provided they:

  • Are no higher than a maximum of 4m (3m if within 2m boundary).
  • The conservatory you are building will not cover over half of the garden.
  • The roof top point must not be any higher than that of the eaves of your property’s roof.
  • Any side extensions cannot extend more than half of the houses width.

These planning regulations allow the construction of conservatories so that people can increase their living space without having to go through the lengthily process of having planning permission approved.

It is still worth noting that in some cases, a property may have previously had the ‘Permitted Development’ rights removed.

If this has happened to your property in the past, you will need to apply for planning permission to build a conservatory.