Does An Orangery Add Value To Your Home?

Like any other home improvement, whether it’s gardening, an extension or a full renovation, you want to increase the enjoy you get form having a nice home – but its also an investment.

As such, it can be a difficult balance between budget, added value and the personal time and commitment required to make substantial changes to your home.

Adding an orangery to your property, offers a simpler, more time friendly option to improve your home and increase its value.

How much will it cost and how much is it worth?

It’s worth bearing in mind that as with almost all home improvements, it should be seen as an investment, so building an orangery will come at a cost.

This cost will depend primarily on the size and complexity of the orangery and the quality of the materials which are used to build it.

The scale for the cost of an orangery is relatively flexible and as such this will allow to make a more substantial, riskier ‘investment’ or one which is less expensive and would carry less risk.

As always, you should consider many things when budgeting for the build, factoring in the cost of maintenance or ongoing repairs which may result from using less expensive materials.

However, you will need to determine whether the cost of the orangery translates to an increase in value for the property itself.

What value does it add?

Despite this, there are many benefits to having an orangery both in terms of the monetary and personal value which it adds to the home.

An orangery will provide the home with an abundance of new living space, giving you a substantial amount of window-space, which introduces no shortage of natural light into the home.

As well as this, the windows and light will also narrow the boundary between inside and outside the home, creating a unique space which differs from anywhere else in the house.

The actual monetary value of the orangery will depend on a variety of factors.

They can provide a strong selling point and be a genuine key feature of the house and the added value created will primarily depend on the quality of the build, design and finish which is given to the orangery.

Risk vs. Reward

Taking all the above into account, an orangery has the potential to  increase its potential resale value.

However, you should always budget and plan appropriately, reasonably and within your means.

And it’s worth remembering, that although a quality orangery will always add value, you may wish to give the personal value more weight, rather than expecting to recoup your building costs.