The Best Door Colours To Help Add Value To Your Home

The front door to your home is a statement, it should be high quality, well made and above all, look good!

Having the right front door colour can really make your home stand out and attract lots of attention.

If you plan on selling your home then we have devised a list of some of the most en vogue, popular and modern door colours to consider painting your front door.

This alone can add real value to your property.

When it comes to choosing a door colour to paint your door when you are selling your home it is important to choose a colour that will match your house and make it stand out.

You want people to have a good first impression.

Your front door is the first thing people will see when viewing your house so it is important to choose the right colour to make your house stand out when you are selling your property.

The colour of your front door can potentially have a massive impact on the sale of your home.

To put it simply, an ugly or damaged door will turn potential buyers off before they’ve even stepped foot inside your home.

What Does The Colour Of Your Front Door Mean?

First, let’s start with considering what the colour of your front door means and why it matters, especially when selling your property.

Whilst it is your home, and you are ultimately in charge of what colour you choose for your front door, colour does carry a large significance and meaning.

So if you want to pick a door colour based on the psychology of colour and why it symbolises, then consider the following:


  • Red – A red door will attract attention and make your home stand out, it shows confidence and power and is well suited to period properties.


  • Orange – Painting your front door orange can often portray joy and enthusiasm. A great colour for an extrovert property that demands to be seen.


  • Yellow – If you choose to paint your door yellow, this shows energy and success and is a sure way to stand out from the crowd.


  • Blue – Painting your door blue resembles calm and peacefulness and is a classic choice in colour.


  • Green – A green door is refreshing and is generally associated with nature and good health. A green door goes great with a garden property.


  • Brown – Brown represents earth, safety and reliability. Brown tends to go with the colour of most houses and is always a safe colour to choose.


  • Grey – Grey is generally associated with maturity and tends to avoid attention however it adds a subtle modern look to your home.


  • Black – Black is a go to colour for a strong sophisticated look and is a popular choice for most traditional and new houses alike.


  • White – The stereotypical uPVC white door is the most common in the UK as it looks clean, modern and fresh. Any kind of property suits white and it often matches the windows.


Why not give our team of experts a call to get a full list of our available doors and colours to choose the right one for your unique and individual property.