Benefits Of Installing An Aluminium Entrance Door

Thinking about upgrading your home’s main entrance door?

We can all agree that a front door says a lot about a house but have you considered all the options?

Why not choose an aluminium entrance door for the strength, stability and aesthetic design that they can bring to a home.

An aluminium entrance door is a great way for your home to stand out from all of your neighbours while providing a sleek and modern look to any home.

Aluminium entrance doors have become a massive trend in homes throughout the UK.

They offer a sleek, aesthetically pleasing, modern look to any home.

Coupled with their sturdy, reliable performance this makes aluminium entrance doors an increasingly popular choice.

Compared to the likes of some of the more traditional entrance door materials like timber and uPVC, these doors can make a real staement.

Aluminium entrance doors will provide you with an extensive list of benefits you might not have considered.

So, let’s take a closer look at the top advantages of installing an aluminium entrance door.

Strong, Durable And Very Secure

Your front door is the main entrance to your home, so of course, you’re going to want to ensure that it will be safe, secure and keep any unwanted visitors from getting in.

Aluminium is extremely strong and durable and can withstand a good amount of force.

Aluminium entrance doors are there for a great choice for a front door where many burglars can attempt to gain entry.

Virtually No Maintenance Required

Aluminium entrance doors require little to none in terms of maintenance.

A quick clean and wipe with some warm water and soap is all that will be required.

Aluminium entrance doors have a very long life span, and will easily last over 30 years when cared for properly.

A Sustainable Choice

Aluminium entrance doors are very environmentally friendly and sustainable as they can be recycled.

When aluminium is recycled, it produces new aluminium with minimal effort and is consistently of extremely good quality.

It takes approximately 5% of the energy used creating the aluminium for the very first time for it to be recycled at this level.

So, a great choice of renewable material for the environment.

They Look Amazing!

Aluminium entrance doors look absolutely stunning on modern-day homes.

They offer a simple but sleek design and come in a huge range of colours meaning that they can also look great on older homes too.

Adding an aluminium entrance door is a great way to modernise your home whatever the style, modern or period.

Resistant To The Elements

Unlike other materials such as wood and iron, aluminium is extremely durable as well as being naturally resistant to all the elements of the weather.

You can have peace of mind that your aluminium entrance door won’t corrode or rust from exposure to the elements.

Our wide range of powder coating colours can help add an even further layer of protection.

We have so many styles of modern aluminium front doors on offer, so why not get in touch with one of our experts who can provide a consultation about adding an aluminium entrance door to your home.