Investing in New Windows: Wood or uPVC?

If your home needs new windows, then it can be hard to know which ones to choose and which ones are right for you and which ones to invest in.

And sadly, while the internet is full of conflicting advice, and too much information can be overwhelming, so much that you are left feeling no more ready to make a decision.

To help you work through the information and options available on the market, we have taken the two most popular types of windows and shared the facts you need to know when making a choice.

Read on, to find out whether you should pick wood or uPVC…


Tell Me About Wood Framed Windows

Wood-framed windows are a stylish choice that have been around for many years.

They provide durable results and come in a wide range of designs.

You can expect to choose between hard and softwood when purchasing, with softwood being more budget-friendly than longer-lasting hardwood.


Tell Me About uPVC Windows

uPVC is also known as rigid plastic and has become a popular choice for UK homeowners due to its low price and long life.

It is also the material that is recommended the most when installing new double glazing to a property.


The Pros and Cons of Wood Framed Windows

If you are keen to get wood-framed windows, then take a look at the pros and cons associated with them:


  • They have a natural look that elevates any property
  • They provide natural insulation, which will reduce your energy bills
  • They are an environmentally-friendly option as they are made from natural materials
  • They last for up to sixty years when maintained appropriately
  • They are secure and will increase the security of your home.


  • Wood-framed windows cost more upfront than uPVC – but they will last longer
  • Wood-framed windows require annual maintenance to keep them in great condition

The Pros and Cons of uPVC Windows

To help you work out if uPVC is the best choice, then we’ve shared the pros and cons for these below:


  • uPVC is cheap to install, resulting in a low-cost option for homeowners
  • uPVC is simple to maintain and needs to be wiped down to keep it in order without any other specialised treatments
  • uPVC is durable and will not rust or rot, nor will it let damp into your home
  • uPVC is secure when it comes with an added steel core – protecting your home from break-ins
  • uPVC double glazing offers excellent insulation so that your home can stay warm and peaceful


  • uPVC does not look as attractive as wood-framed windows
  • uPVC will need more regular replacement and will cost far more in the long run


How Much Do Wood Frame Windows & uPVC Windows Cost?

The only way to get an exact price for your new windows is to arrange a quote for the property you need new windows for.

However, we’ve shared some average prices per window below to give you an idea of what to expect:

  • Casement windows – £200 – £900 (uPVC) £600 – £1500 (wood)
  • Sash windows – £700 – £1100 (uPVC) £1100 – £1900 (wood)


The Verdict – Should I Choose Wood or uPVC Windows?

It’s clear that if you are replacing any type of window on a budget, the uPVC is the clear winner as it is durable, affordable and comes in a range of design options.

However, if your budget can stretch that little bit further, then wood is the way to go as it is providing better security, efficiency and looks great!

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