Secure Your Home with Ultion Door Locks

Here at Sovereign Home Improvements, we make it our mission to make your home as secure as possible.

We understand that sourcing the right equipment can be confusing, and knowing what items will add to your security, is an essential step in picking the right products.

This is why we are pleased to discuss with you Ultion Door Locks, a locking system that will reduce the vulnerability your door has when it comes to intruders.


How Safe Are Your Locks?

When it comes to breaking through an average door lock, a seasoned thief can manage it in less than ten seconds!

This is because once the handle is removed, they simply need to push the lock hard to open the door and gain access to your treasured possessions.

The other interesting part of this fact is that is can be done with very little noise, so that you may not even notice someone getting into your house before your possessions have been taken.


Ultion Offers the Security You Need

Thankfully the Ultion Door Locking system is not so easy to break through and will take a thief a lot of time to manage it.

This is because the lock is housed in an internal casing that is virtually impenetrable and will take a lot of effort and noise to get through.

The Ultion system is made up of different sections, including a self-sacrificing component that, when broken, leaves the lock in perfect condition.

Ultion has tested the lock with every type of equipment and is so confident that it works that they offer a 5 year and £2000 guarantee.


One Key for Every Door

Ultion is not just safe, they also work hard to make their systems as user-friendly as possible.

One way they do this is to offer you the option of having one key that will fit all your Ultion locks.

The great thing about this is that you no longer need to carry multiple keys, and you can install the same lock onto as many doors as you like across as many properties as you like.

To keep your keys safe, Ultion engraves a specific code onto your keys that they use to identify you so that you can call to arrange new locks or extra keys without having to give a third-party your key to copy.

The system they use has been designed with your security in mind and will give you the peace of mind you’ve been craving.


Let Sovereign Install Your Locks Today

If you love the idea of installing a Ultion lock and key system into your home, then call Sovereign Home today or complete the form on our contact us page.

Our dedicated team are ready to answer your questions and arrange an appointment at a time that suits you.

With Sovereign Home Improvements, you can look forward to feeling safe all the time.