How to add extra living space to your home during these challenging times

Over the past six months, many of us have found ourselves working from home, often with children or grandchildren at our feet. None of us expected to find ourselves in this situation, and we certainly didn’t expect to be spending quite so much time within our four walls. 

It’s hardly surprising then that an increasing number of people have reached out to us here at Sovereign Home Improvements to discuss how to add extra living space to their homes. Here are a few of our top recommendations for increasing your usable floor space on any budget.

3. Think outside the box.

The easiest and most affordable way to add extra space to your home is by looking for areas that can serve more than one purpose. Can an alcove shelf usually used for books double as your desk? Or perhaps a built-in wardrobe could provide you with a quiet nook instead? 

It certainly won’t be a long-term solution, but in a pinch, there are a surprising number of ways you can repurpose existing spaces in your home.

2. Convert your loft space. 

Have you found yourself wishing you had a dedicated office space within your home? You’re not alone. A popular long-term option is to convert your loft space into a usable room, either as a full renovation complete with stairwell or even as a shorter-term option, keeping the loft hatch in place. 

Planning permission usually won’t be required, but you will have to adhere to building regulations. While a loft conversion isn’t a quick process, it can offer much-needed living space and add value to your home, making it a great option if you’re willing to invest.

1. Utilise your conservatory.

Perhaps one of the best ways to add extra living space to your home is to improve upon what you already have. At this time of year, many conservatories are rendered useless, too cold to use comfortably. By replacing your thin polycarbonate or glass roof with an insulated Guardian Warm Roof, your conservatory can become a part of your ground floor living space. 

Turn it into a playroom for the kids, a quiet zone for study and work, or keep it all to yourself as an office-with-a-view. The choice is yours!

Improving your home isn’t just investing in a building, it’s an investment in your family’s comfort too. Speak to one of our team for an obligation-free quote today.