The Benefits of a Conservatory

A conservatory is a very wonderful addition to a home, and a lot of people have had conservatories in their properties for many years now. There is no doubt that they can be very useful things, as well as very beautiful parts of the property.

However, why should you get a conservatory, what are the benefits? It’s a question that people ask quite a bit, and try to explain it as best we can, we’ve taken a look at some of the primary benefits here.

Natural Light

Natural light is one of the biggest things that a conservatory can bring to a property. If you’ve never had a conservatory before, then you won’t necessarily appreciate exactly how much natural light you can get into the house via this conservatory. Natural light does things for a property that artificial lights just can’t do. It gives it a sense of homeliness, of nature, and it’s fantastic.

As the conservatory is primarily just a collection of windows with a frame, the amount of natural light you get is astounding. It means that you can, theoretically, have a whole new dimension to your property, and experience the outdoors in a new way.

Improved Property Prices

One of the big benefits of having a conservatory is that it can help to improve the overall value of your property and increase the price that you’ll get if you try and sell.

A conservatory is a big thing. It’s a project which, if done correctly, can really make your property look even more attractive and boost the overall price of it. This is good for anybody who is looking to sell, or someone who is attempting to improve their home as an inheritance for children. It’s definitely something we recommend to anybody who is trying to kick the price of their property up a little in preparation for a big life event.

Cheaper than an Extension

A conservatory can be a really good way of improving the overall size of the property whilst avoiding having to pay for a whole extension. The objective with an extension is to increase the amount of room that you have, obviously, but a conservatory can do this in a cheaper way.

Even the biggest and best conservatory typically costs less than your average extension, because there’s so much to do that costs a lot. We recommend a conservatory for anybody who is attempting to upgrade their property without spending a fortune.

So, in conclusion, there are quite a few benefits to having a conservatory. A lot of people see a conservatory as being a dream, a pipe goal that they attempt to reach. It’s understandable when you consider just how attractive the conservatory can be. There is something about the natural light and sleek frame that really adds to a property, and there is no doubt it will look fantastic regardless of what type of home you have. It’s definitely something to take a look at.

Exploring our Check-A-Trade Profile

Have you ever visited Check-A-Trade?

For those of you who aren’t familiar with the website, let us explain. Check-A-Trade is a website where people can go and look up people who work in a particular trade. Think of it as being a place for getting some honest opinions from people who have used the service before.

So, when we found out that we had a Check-A-Trade profile, we were interested to see exactly what people thought about us. It made for some interesting reading, and we thought that we would share what we discovered.

Looking at Our Stats 

Well we took a look at our stats and they’re pretty impressive, we have to concede. It’s incredibly gratifying to see everyone think so highly of us.

We scored a 9.67 for reliability, a 9.9 for courtesy, a 9.81 for tidiness, a 9.9 for our workmanship and a fantastic 100 for quote accuracy.

Honestly, it’s so nice to see these glowing reviews from people. We’ve done nothing but try and be as reliable as possible, and we’re so glad to see it’s paid dividends.

Sharing Top Reviews

To try and give you a little more of an idea as to what people think, we thought we would share some of the reviews that made us feel an overwhelming sense of pride and joy.

“Outstanding company, really pleased with the work. Arrived when they said they would, if they were going to be late they let us know. Kept us informed at all times as to progress etc. All the guys on the team were grafters, they were polite and all in all nice guys.”.

“From our first contact with Abbie on the phone we had a good impression. On our first meeting we found Lewis to be extremely professional and friendly. Lewis and Matthew really helped put us at ease and had some great ideas and suggestions without being pushy. Our project manager Terry was always available either in person or by phone. The team on the job were brilliant…Nick, Kieron, Charlie, Daniel. There was only 1 day during the build when nobody was on site. Any issues we had, Lewis and Matthew were calm, professional and resolved them without fuss. Would not hesitate to recommend”.

“Excellent standard, very pleased with the products. Very polite and helpful. Happy with our choice.”.

So, to wrap it all up, we’re really proud of the team. They’ve all gone above and beyond and it’s shown. Our Check-A-Trade profile isn’t necessarily the biggest out there right now. But it’s definitely something we can be proud of. All we’ve ever wanted to do is help you all to get the home improvements you deserve. If you’re happy, then so are we. We’re glad to have such helpful and easy-to-work with customers, as well as staff who go above and beyond whenever they can. We’re looking forward to doing more over the years – and we’re not going to stop anytime soon!

Check out our profile here.

Proudly Sponsoring Tigers Junior Football Club

Our sponsorships are very important to us. They are a sign that we are committed to not only you, the customer, but to the community we live and work in.

We try and sponsor good causes and encourage the community to flourish, which is why we chose to sponsor the Tigers Junior Football Club. They are a team that we feel deserve our support, and we’re grateful for the chance to work with young talent.

Why Tigers JFC?

Some of you might be wondering why we would sponsor a group like Tigers JFC. It seems a bit random for a home improvements group, doesn’t it? But that is where you would be wrong.

You see, we actively try and make sure that our community flourishes even during difficult periods. Right now, we’re in the grip of a serious challenge being faced globally – COVID-19.

We all talk about how adults have lost their jobs, been sent into economic troubles, or had to rely on support from the government, and this hasn’t changed. But one group of people who have also suffered are the children in our society.

This period of time is very important from a formative perspective. You see, children are in a period of development and growth. To be stuck inside, in a climate of fear – it hasn’t done them any good. Instead, they should be outside, learning confidence, teamwork skills, coordination.

By supporting this club, we think that we can help with just that.

What We’ve Offered

By sponsoring the club, we have been able to provide them with a selection of key services which will no doubt benefit all who use the club and are fans of it.

Our support extends for the duration of the 2020/2021 season. We have been able to provide support to the Futures program. This is a special program that the club has developed which allows children in the under 14’s category to train to be a qualified referee and also to coach the younger age groups at training sessions. Our support will provide funding for both the courses themselves, and for the kit that participants in the program will wear.

We hope that by doing this, we can put the under 14’s into a position of responsibility and consideration, which will equip them with the skills they need to be productive members of society, as well as good role models.

Final Thoughts

So, to conclude our news, we’re proud to be able to support the community in this fashion. COVID-19 has hit everyone, but we wanted to help a group who may not have had as much support from a developmental perspective – the children. The club is a vibrant and wholesome part of the local community, which is why we are thrilled to give them the support that they need. We’re looking forward to seeing everyone grow and develop over the course of the season, so that they can become well-rounded players, and well-rounded young people.