Why You Should Opt for a Local Home Improvement Firm

When it comes to getting new windows or doors installed it’s always a better bet to go with a local – rather than national – company. Why? Well, there are many reasons and here at Sovereign Home Improvements Ltd in Brentwood, we have attempted to list some of the main ones right here:

Local knowledge

It’s possible to speed up the planning process (if necessary) by using an individual who has knowledge of how the local council’s planning and building regulation teams work. This is particularly valuable should you run into a problem concerning a conservation or similar issue somewhere along the line. A local installer will know which individual to contact in order to remedy the situation, as well as how to go about approaching the Council’s team.

Fixer on hand

Very occasionally problems can arise with a new set of windows or doors. If this happens you can get your local installer on the scene right away. If it’s a national company who have carried out the installation then it could take days or even weeks for them to get someone on the scene. And that means increased stress and anguish for the unfortunate home owner.

Friend and colleague recommendations

With a local firm chances are your friends and colleagues have already used their services. If so, you can get recommendations that you know you can trust to be genuine and truthful (and which isn’t always the case with online reviews). Not only that, but you can physically go and see for yourself the work that the local company carried out. That way you don’t have to take anybody’s word for the fact they can supply exactly what you’re looking for.

Better communication

Communication is always better face-to-face – and is something you will be able to achieve with a local firm. They may even have a showroom where you can go and see windows, doors and conservatories etc for yourself. At the same time, being able to discuss something quickly with the person on the spot is far better than attempting to solve an issue over the phone or by email.

Better deals with local suppliers

Local firms tend to be better at securing local discounts on materials than national firms. This ensures that your home improvements are undertaken with cost-savings in mind right from the very start.

Giving back to the community

Hiring a local company and ensuring it stay afloat means a benefit to your own community and safeguards jobs for local people.

Contact your local Sovereign Homes today

If you live in the Brentwood area of the East of England then you can consider ourselves at Sovereign Home Improvements Ltd a local company. As such we would be happy to have a chat and provide a free quote for windows, doors, a patio, conservatory etc. For a quote call our team on 0800 1777 771. If it’s advice you would like then the number to ring is 01277 810 910. Alternatively drop us an email via info@sovereignhome.co.uk.

Why You Don’t Have to Wait for New Windows or Doors

Is the thought of paying upfront putting you off having those new windows you fancy? Or is it a brand-new front door you’d like to have installed? Well, now you don’t have to worry about big upfront payments.

That’s because, here at Sovereign Home Improvements Ltd we’ve made it easy for you with our zero per cent interest-free payment scheme. This allows you to pay what you can afford each month over a set number of years, making purchasing those windows and doors far more manageable as far as your finances are concerned. Most people pay monthly over a number of years for their car, so why not do the same for your windows and other home improvements? For your windows or doors there isn’t even any large deposit to pay upfront.

Interest-free credit available on all windows and doors

The good news is our interest-free payment scheme is available for all of our windows and doors. That means you can choose from Bow Bay, uPVC and Tilt & Turn windows, as well as aluminium or casement versions for your home. Both double and triple glazing qualify for the scheme.

The same applies to our doors in relation to the scheme. This means you can treat yourself and your home to anything from a set of stylish French doors, to contemporary bi-folding doors, doors for your patio, a composite front and back door, or some uPVC doors. All our doors are weather-proof draught-proof. The popular bi-fold doors we sell are equipped with a multi-point stainless steel locking mechanism, toughened or laminated glass and come with a high-security lock cylinder. There are also around 260 colour combinations to choose from.

Our recognised credit credentials

We are also authorised and registered with the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). What this means that you will be entitled to compensation in the event of any default (which is highly unlikely). In addition, all companies which are registered with the FCA have a strict set of guidelines and rules to adhere to with relation to finance and consumers.

At Sovereign Home Improvements Limited our financial role is as a credit broker. Rest-assured too that our zero per cent finance scheme is administered using only one single lender.

We have physical commercial premises at Systems House, Horndon Industrial Park, West Horndon in Brentwood CM13 3XL. The company is registered in England and Wales (VAT number 08164017). 

Get in touch for more information and advice

If 2020 is the year you would like to finally replace those old windows of your and, at the same time, benefit from a warmer and better insulated home, then contact us today. One of our installation team will be happy to advise you on the different types of windows or doors we have available, along with their benefits and costs.

In order to book a free quote, call us on tel: 0800 1777 771. For more general information call 01277 810 910 or send us an email via info@sovereignhome.co.uk.