A Compelling Case for Composite Doors

Thinking of investing in a new front or back door? If so, experts agree, composite doors should be your first choice.

Why? Well, they don’t just look good thanks to a wealth of contemporary designs and colours, but security-wise they are well above standard. And the latter is nothing to be complacent about. Figures from the government’s Office of National Statistics (ONS) show there were 291,816 residential burglaries in England and Wales between June 2018 and June 2019. Not surprisingly, when the nights are darkest (October to February) the number of break-ins increase by more than one third. This begs the question, how secure are your doors and windows?

What makes composite doors so strong?

The main reason composite doors get such high praise from those in the home security realm is because of the way they are constructed. Unlike timber and uPVC glass doors for instance, composite doors are capable of withstanding salt erosion (perfect for those who live near the sea), chemicals and UV light (which can quickly fade colour in ordinary doors).

Composite doors are also twice the thickness of uPVC doors. That’s because they comprise either a thick foam core which is coated in Glass Reinforced Plastic (GPR) or a solid timber core with an inner thermo-plastic. Here at Sovereign Home we are proud to be able to announce that our own 48mm thick timber composite doors are around 10 per cent thicker than our nearest competitors, making them the most secure on the market.

Hardly lacking when it comes to locks

Shockingly, a recent survey by the online consumer site MoneySupermarket showed that five per cent of house burglaries are caused by the thief simply walking in through the front door! But if you’re not the absent-minded type and do actually remember to secure the door when you go out – is your current lock good enough? After all, the same survey showed that thieves got in by the front door in almost three quarter of burglary cases in England and Wales.

Our composite doors are all fixed with the Ultion system of locks to ensure once you’ve turned the key, it can’t be picked. That’s because if a burglar does attempt to prise open the door by tampering with the lock a second, hidden lock springs into action. This provides double protection – regardless of whether you leave the key in the lock overnight or not.

Household items most regularly stolen

Those burglars that do manage to penetrate a home’s defences usually look for cash, says the MoneySupermarket survey. Next most popular items are laptops and other electronic devices. Almost one third of burglars also make off with jewellery, including watches. Make sure it’s not yours they’re after…

Get in touch for your peace of mind

At Sovereign Home we offer a choice of up to 256 different colour combinations of doors. They range from contemporary shades to beautiful and realistic woodgrains. To find out how a composite door can improve your home security and, at the same time, enhance the appearance of your home, get in touch today. Call 0800 1777 771 or email us at info@sovereignhome.co.uk. We look forward to hearing from you!