lifespan of double glazing -Windows & Doors, Orangeries, Roofs, Extensions, Sovereign Home, Essex

What is the lifespan of double glazing windows?

lifespan of double glazing -Windows & Doors, Orangeries, Roofs, Extensions, Sovereign Home, EssexNothing lasts forever they say and double glazing is no different but what is the lifespan of double glazing windows?

If your Essex home is looking past its’ best and your windows are beginning to fail, then don’t worry about it too much.

Whether you are inland in Basildon or on the cost in Southend, the fact is, that double glazing doesn’t last forever.

Surprised? However, it is true.

What is the lifespan of double glazing windows – Who knew?

Windows and doors get opened and closed many times a day, and in the case of windows, especially so in the summer.

We open them because it’s hot, then close them so that we can go to the shops.

Then come back again and open them.

Then it’s time to pick the kids up from nursery, so we close them again.

We could go on, but you get the picture.

Not only that, there can be problems with older windows misting up as well.

Many of the windows of 20 or 30 years ago were only expected to have a life of perhaps about that long. (They didn’t tell you that, did they ?!).

But to be fair, nothing lasts forever, not even double glazing.

Furthermore, the older windows didn’t have anything like the superior glass that we have today, so although they were a lot more energy efficient than single glazed windows could ever be, they still lag behind what we can do now in the 21st century.

So if you are looking to replace your double glazing in Basildon, it’s not surprising.

And if indeed, you are, then you are going to want the best of the best, and that means Sovereign Home Improvements.

What is the lifespan of double glazing windows – Why Us?

How is it that we have become the leading installer of double glazing in Basildon and the rest of Essex in just over three short years?

It’s because we are a family firm and we started in life with the intention of being the best, both with our sales pitch and our installation teams.

Our mantra is to treat every customer as we would wish to be treated ourselves.

Nothing more and nothing less.

This means that we don’t use gimmicky sales tactics.

We quote you a fair and honest price for your double glazing, and please don’t be surprised if we don’t offer an “amazing” reduction if you don’t accept it.

It will almost certainly be well below the price of one of the national giants anyway (mentioning no names) because we don’t employ very expensive salesmen.

We’re a family business, remember.

What we do is offer you a fair price and outstanding workmanship (see our testimonials).

If you want the best at the lowest price, give us a call.

No hard sales tactics – that’s a promise. Just the best.

By Ian Mullins