Find a Good Double Glazing Company…

Finding a Good Double Glazing Company…

A Good Double Glazing Company, now that’s’ refreshing!

Sovereign Home Improvements is one of the leading suppliers of double glazing in Essex and we have achieved this status in just three short years.

The reason is that we are different.

Find a Good Double-Glazing Company - Soveriegn Home Improvements - Essex

Double glazing is a big investment but double-glazing companies come and go because of – apart from anything else – their sales tactics.

Their salesman comes in and gives you the spiel and quotes you a price for your windows, which, quite frankly, he would be rubbing his hands with glee at the thought of his commission if you actually accepted it.

However, he wants the deal on the night, or the day if it’s the weekend, and his company has trained him to use an assortment of tactics for suddenly finding ways in which the price can be considerably reduced.

But as always,  “only if you sign up here and now”.

This amazing price will not be available again!

Of course, it is always possible that the final price may be the best you could get, but unless you have looked at any competitors, how do you know?

Find a Good Double-Glazing Company – Why Sovereign?

At Sovereign Home Improvements we don’t resort to tactics like that.

We are a family owned firm and we treat our customers with the respect that they deserve.

No, we don’t get the deal with every customer we see, but we have been getting enough of them to become on of the leading double-glazing company in Essex.

I guess is often comes down to your ethics? The price that we quote you is the price.

No gimmicks.

No sudden reductions if you sign up right now.

This is because we simply wouldn’t want to be treated that way ourselves, so we don’t do it.


Lewis & Matt